In this modern world, people are used to spending spend most of their time on mobile phones for the sake of entertainment. But for that, they have to pay high subscription charges, which is quite challenging. So due to this reason, the Picasso App is introduced to get a lot of entertainment in the form of TV shows, sports, movies, cartoons, web series, vlogs, animations, etc. This article discusses the benefits, features, and installation process of this process.

Why do we need the Picasso app?

Picasso app Download is specifically designed for the people of South Asia. Due to poor economic conditions, countries do not allow people to get idol time and traditionally watch their favorite series, drama, movie, or match. So this application has a good design for people to get all kinds of entertainment on the phone. 

Features of the Picasso App Latest Version

Picasso App offers many important features which make this application convenient to use. The latest version of this application is Picasso app version 10.8.3. Offers the following features.

Updated content

This application shows updated content such as new movies, the latest series, news, and more latest things to the users, and the users get notified on each updated material available.

Latest movies

It can allow users to watch the latest movies across various genres.

Live cricket

Use can enjoy the thrill of live cricket matches, including international tournaments and national leagues.

Errors fixed

If any previous issue is present in the application, the latest update of this application addresses it and removes it for smooth and convenient use.

The search feature is updated

The updated version of the application has updated search features through which users can search the latest material for their entertainment in search engines.

Dubbed material and subtitles available

This application has an amazing feature if a user wants to watch a movie or serial but doesn’t know the language of that serial, It allows the user to see the available dubbed version of the serial in any language.

Safe to use

Picasso App allows its users many latest privacy features, making it convenient and secure.

Get free movies

The latest form of the app is convenient to watch movies for free. People can watch old and new movies of their own choice without any restrictions. They have to explore the home screen to get their favorite movies, or they can also search for their favorite movie with the title. Moreover, the feed of users’ interests is also available so that they can get more entertainment choices.

Available categories

Movies, series, serials, and sports are available in different sections, so the user can go to the category of their choice and enjoy the material for free. This feature is time-saving and helps you enjoy your favorite feed for free.

Well managed

Everything in this application is well managed so that users can easily manage the interface of this application. The simpler the interface, the easier it is for the users to understand and use. Users don’t need to search in Chrome or YouTube to search for videos. They must download this application; simple options are available on the home screen. Using these options, they can enjoy a series of their own choice.

Posting review

This application allows users to post their reviews on everything they are watching. Moreover, it also allows users to read other people’s reviews, which helps them decide whether to watch the series.

HD quality movies and shows

People can watch old and new movies and shows in HD quality without hindrance. They only need a strong internet connection to enjoy the movie without buffering.

Changing video quality

Suppose the user is facing any difficulty with the internet connection. In that case, he can change the video quality to low to enjoy the movie or series without hindrance or buffering.

Trailers of movies

The trailers of all new movies are available so that users can decide whether to watch the full movie or not after watching them. Moreover, different movies are available with other titles, so watching a trailer also helps the user see whether this movie is the one he wants.

NamePicasso App
Size16 MB
Requirement5.0 And Up
UpdatedOne Day Ago

How to download and install the Picasso App on the phone?

To enjoy all these features of the Picasso App, users have to download it on their phone. The following steps are essential to download this application on an Android phone

  • Go to the phone’s settings and enable the mode of unknown sources.
  • Then visit the download section to download the latest version.
  • Click on the download button, and will start downloading.
  • Install it after downloading.
  • After installation, share it with your friends and family on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

How to update Picasso App?

Users can update the application by using the links available on third-party websites. But before updating, they have to delete the previous version.

Pros and Cons of the Picasso App

Pros of the Picasso App

The following are the Pros of the Picasso App

  1. All the material is available in HD quality.
  2. Users can enjoy the material of their own choice without any restrictions.
  3. Different material is available in different categories, which is convenient and reliable for the user.
  4. The home interface is easy to use.
  5. The feature of downloading movies and series is also available. So that users can also enjoy these movies and series while they are offline.
  6. This application is very small and can be easily downloaded on the phone.
  7. The search bar is also available in this application, allowing users to search for material of their choice.

Cons of Picasso App

The following are the Cons of the Picasso App

  1. This application has a blue button; users may face the problem of hanging the blue button.
  2. This application has a main Con in that cannot be updated automatically. Instead, users have to do it casually.
Picasso App


Picasso App is just for entertainment and provides all kinds of music videos, songs, dramas, and information channels free of cost. Besides all dramas, there are several entertainment movies available without subscriptions. Get ready for enjoyment in your free time anywhere in the world.