In this modern era of increasing inflation day by day, most people have to do part-time jobs to meet their expenses. Then due to such a routine, people have less time to have fun. So according to people’s routines, the modes of entertainment have been modified because the old way of entertainment, such as TV, FM radio, and dish, requires a specific time for the user to sit and enjoy. But now, due to the use of the internet, modes of entertainment are changing daily. Different kinds of applications, websites, and platforms are available through which people can get entertainment easily while sitting at home on their phones. There are so many ways of entertainment online, and a lot of material is available. So users cannot decide what to watch. That is why many applications are available that help users choose entertaining material precisely. Hotstar Mod APK is one the top listed application of these applications. It offers high-quality video streaming and many movies and shows for users. It offers those movies which are specifically released on this application. This application has been becoming users’ favorite due to its amazing features.

What is HotStar App?

Disney Plus Hotstar is designed for Android Users as well as iOS users. Users can enjoy different kinds of movies and shows on a single platform without any restrictions on streaming. But before using this application, users must create an account. Users must pay some monthly charges to get a subscription to the app. Because without a subscription, users cannot use the application. Watch Hotstar live cricket match today online.

NameDisney+ Hotstar
Size30 MB
Mod InfroVIP Unlocked
Requirement5.0 And Up

What is Hotstar Mod APK?

Hotstar Premium Mod APK is a modified version of Hotstar APK, which allow the streaming of videos and a lot of other movies, web series, and serial without any subscription. Users can enjoy their favorite shows for free. This modified application is very helpful for students to enjoy their favorite shows for free. Because there is no use in getting a subscription, and Hotstar is always free for them, even they can download the videos to watch them offline.

Features of Hotstar Mod APK

Hotstar TV offers the following features:

Download video content: 

Users can enjoy videos of their interest and download them so they can use them even if they are offline.

Offline streaming:

Users can download the videos of their own choice and can enjoy them while they are offline. This thing is very convenient for the users because it saves them from the problem of buffering.

Free to Download:

This application is free for users, and they don’t have to pay any charges for downloading it on their phones.

No Login required:

It is the most amazing feature of this application because most users want to avoid creating their accounts on any application. So this application offers an advantage to them that they can download the application and enjoy its features without getting login to any account.

Anti-Ban application:

Most of the modified applications get banned for not paying or hacking, but Disney+ Hotstar Mod APK doesn’t get banned.

No Subscription needed:

Watching the user’s favorite movies and shows doesn’t need a subscription.

Multiple channels:

Multiple channels are available on Hotstar Mod APK, where users can see their favorite shows. More than 1000 TV channels are available on this application.

Watch free movies and shows:

Users can watch movies of their own choice without restrictions because this application offers a large variety of video content.

Several genres:

Various movie genres are available, including fiction, nonfiction, romance, comedy, and thrill. Because all people do not have the same choices. Moreover, some people do not like mainstream movies and shows. So this application allows the free choice to users to enjoy content of their own choice.

Watch in HD and 4K:

Users can enjoy Hotstar movies and videos in the highest resolution quality, such as HD and 4G. This highest resolution cause the users to watch more and more movies and videos of their choice on this platform.


If users like a movie but he does not understand the language of the movie, then there is an option in the application in which several languages are available. Users can choose the language of their own choice and enjoy the movie.

Latest material:

The latest kind of material is available on the application. Users can watch and enjoy the latest kind of material of their own choice, and they can enjoy it without any restrictions.

Users friendly interface:

The interface of this application is very simple and user-friendly. Users can enjoy the content of their own choice without any restrictions. Any person with small knowledge of the application can use it easily. Infect, there are a lot of languages available so that users can pick the language of their own choice and enjoy the content of their own choice.

Very safe and secure to use:

Most of the Modified applications are downloaded from third-party websites, So there is a high risk of hacking and damage to the saved data. But Hotstar Mod APK is very safe and secure to use. It offers a lot of privacy features, due to which the data in the device remains intact.

Pros and Cons of Hotstar Mod APK


The following are the Pros of Hotstar Mod APK:

Unlimited live sports

Live sports in any part of the world can be enjoyed freely on this application.

Hotstar specials and serials before TV

Some shows and serials are specifically played on Hotstar MOD APK; no other application can play them on their channels. As well as this application offers many other serials to their users, which are recently released and are not played on TV channels.

Multiple movies

Various movies, according to the choice of people, are available.

Highest resolution power

The content is available in the highest resolution of 4K.

Disney and movies

Disney movies are also available in dubbed as well as original versions.


The following are the Cons of the Hotstar Mod APK:

Less content than Netflix and Amazon Prime

Compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime, less content is available.

Stream single screen

Hotstar MOD APK can stream a single screen at a time.

As Hotstar MOD APK is economical to use, it is still rare with audiences such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.